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BLUE DESERT – Film Sample

BLUE DESERT ~ Towards Antarctica
[work in progress]

Planned for theatrical release in 2012, BLUE DESERT ~ Towards Antarctica will be a feature-length film that, within the linear constraints of a single-channel presentation, will attempt to frame the unframeable, to depict a world both overwhelming and alien, both deeply felt and unfathomable, both immediate and unreachable. 

At once acknowledging and meditating upon the scientific, technological, and artistic traditions that infused early photography and helped birth motion pictures, BLUE DESERT eschews the more contemporary cinematographic grammar of the mobile camera and instead seeks to witness the dynamic interplay of light, shadow, color, form, movement, and space within the stationary camera’s anchored frame.

Using material recorded with extremely high-resolution cameras and sound equipment during a two-week expedition to Antarctica aboard the National Geographic Explorer, the film navigates a severe physical journey, to be sure, but also steers a radical passage that is psychologically, emotionally, and sensorily unsettling.

With an original score that incorporates ambient sound, the film will be projected in theaters equipped with Dolby Surround Sound or the capacity for live accompaniment.